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What is the ideal support for a system that is part functional and part cultural? 

How can implementation be made almost painless? 

The answer to both questions is knowledgeable help—as you need it. 

And that is what Option Sanity™ gives you

  • Functional Help setting up the mechanics of your incentive plan, and
  • Coaching Assistance on presenting it to your employees and candidates.

This starts with a totally new form of help; one designed to provide you with an understanding of the system and its terms step by step without ever leaving the working program. 

We also provide support via phone, email, instant messaging, a constantly expanding FAQ reflecting actual questions and membership in a private Option Sanity™ CEO Forum. 

The Option Sanity™ CEO Forum will be hosted on LinkedIn to provide a private community in which to ask questions and network with other users.

You will receive a profile page on the Option Sanity™ website, including your job opportunities if you choose, and links back to your own site.

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