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Option Sanity™

Do The Right Thing


"I use the software as a beta customer.  Brilliant!  It saves so much work, and also takes the arbitrary nature out of stock option allocation and dilution.  Employees and BoD understand what they are getting and are motivated by it.  Anyone out there who is doing stock options should beg RampUp to be a customer." -- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , CEO, Emanio


Option Sanity™ is a framework to create stock (options, restricted, phantom, etc.) grants that are effective, fair, and understandable. 

Option Sanity™ manages, simplifies and administers your allocation system and makes it transparent to everybody.

Option Sanity™ appeals to all stakeholders, investors, founders and participants, with specific benefits within a consistent, transparent framework for private stock  management.

Option Sanity™ is easy-to-use and incorporates the founder/CEO's attitudes and philosophy of fairness and ethical behavior into a structured methodology to award stock in a startup or any company instituting a stock plan. It is flexible enough to work for any type of stock and with companies in any industry, of any size, with any management structure and with staffs of all skill levels.

Option Sanity™ recognizes that at all levels, people’s past efforts and interviewing skills are only an indication, not a guarantee, of future performance and that stock grants should not be based on greed, managerial whims, or candidates' negotiation skills.

Option Sanity™ provides a transparent methodology to allocate a significant portion of stock rewards based on the actual success of the company over time, as measured against quantified annual goals.


What OptionSanity™ does.

Option Sanity™ provides a flexible structure and logical methodology that pleases investors, reflects both business and ethical savvy on the part of the entrepreneur, and is seen as fair by employees.


Why Option Sanity™ satisfies everybody.

  • Investors, because it accurately predicts dilution; maximizes efficient use of equity by providing a consistent framework for incentive stock that tightly links grants to performance; and has an audit trail that documents approval dates and all other actions, while alerting the user to any post-approval changes.
  • CEOs, because it provides a clear, public statement of corporate goals and values, conserves stock by eliminating out-sized grants, focuses people on the company's goals; and supplies reporting that saves at least 15 CEO-hours each quarter
  • Employees, because it ensures transparency; provides parity between peers; and offers extraordinary rewards for extraordinary performance.


OptionSanity™ works because it

  • is transparent, eliminating arbitrary awards based on greed, whims, or negotiating skills;
  • bases stock grants on the position's ability to influence the company's success as opposed to personality;
  • rewards performance by meshing employees' past experience with their future efforts that help achieve the company's goals; and
  • adjusts grants in direct correlation to risk reduction.


Option Sanity™ provides

  • predictable, controllable dilution from the start;
  • rewards-driven focus on the company's success that allows both management and workers to increase their equity through hard work and the resulting contributions to achieving specific company goals;
  • Board and executive-level reports that save major amounts of time;
  • automatic error checking at every step; and
  • an audit trail that documents all actions performed and alerts users to any unauthorized proceeding.

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